Base Mount Adapter for Custom
Made Base Plates

A custom base plate can be made from any ¾” thick material, ideally plywood
or any type of wood of that  thickness as well as plastics or composite

The base plate is secured to the Base Mount Adapter by 4 screws and can be
installed and removed from the Base Mount Adapter in seconds by just
tightening or loosening each screw approximately ½ turn and sliding the
Custom base plates can be made of any width, length and shape. Your
imagination and needs will set the limit on how big or what shape your
custom base should be.

Thanks to the Carvex revolutionary base swapping design you can now add
to the list of accessories our Base Mount Adapter plus your own custom
made base plates designed by you for any specific application.

You will be able to do more with your Carvex and use it in a manner never
thought possible on any jig saw.  
After Market Accessory for Festool Carvex 420
Make an Oversize Basic Base
1)  Clamp Mount Adapter on center of base and
secure it with one screw at the end of  each slot.

2)  Inscribe  on the base the outline of the cut out as
shown in picture.
3)  Drill a 3/4" hole at one end of the cut out as shown in picture  
drilling from both sides to avoid blow out.

4)  Make the 2 remaining cuts with a Multimaster and you are done
Make a Reversible Base
Make a Double Wide Base with Handles
1) Provides extended front support for the entry cut.
2) Extra wide for more stability.
3) Allows you to work from the front of the saw for a
clear and unobstructed view of the cut line

Click here to watch video of this base in use
This base provides the same benefits of the
Ovesize Basic Base plus:

1) Allows for one hand operation.
2) It provides plenty of support when cutting very
close to the edge.
3) It is reversible for right or left hand use.

Click here to watch video of this base in use
Allows you to make the cut from the front of the jig saw for an
unobstructed view of the cut line and increased accuracy.

Watch video of this base in use
How to make the cut out on a Base
Visit us often for new base ideas and videos
Base Mount Adapter  $ 42
(Base plates shown not included)
Tilting the Carvex for back cutting  scribe lines
The back cutting can be done in any direction and still have plenty of support for
your saw when cutting on the edge of your work piece.
Click on pictures to enlarge
Reversible base
Double wide base
Basic base